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Roy Rodriguez Contemporary Artist 5665 NW 84th Ave Doral, Fla. 33166 Cell: 786-218-4225

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary artist whose central concentration is to capture the beauty in women through conceptual lines and rich vibrant colors enhanced with the use of various forms of texture. As an enterprising modern fine artist, I strive to create pieces of exquisite fine art that fully encapsulate the female visage and physique. My art pieces would be defined as contemporary for their eclectic style and distinct techniques of a modernistic approach.

My works are created through the use of continuous lines that eventually transform with the application of rich and translucent texture obtained through various materials and tools that has allowed me to subject my matter of the woman figure and architectural landscape. My paintings and drawings focus on the delicacy of woman femininity yet capture the purposefulness of the vital force in the woman frame. I find myself fascinated with the female face and attempt to narrate stories that in time unfold when concentrating on my artwork.

When creating my art, I use the expressive thought process of reproducing a simple female face structure throughout each piece and create intense complex backgrounds containing various circular shapes that typically depict human hair. Each piece demonstrates my childhood memories dated from my birthplace of Havana, Cuba with the use of vibrant and radiant colors. My fondest memories are the stonewalls and colorful pavements, which have truly influenced my inspiration of texture and vivid colors in my pieces.

I typically use a subjective color scheme for each piece to create a sultry pallet. There is something that fascinates me about colors and I love to use it on my canvas. I often find myself challenged with the disposition of my interpreted female character and ultimately, learn new techniques or artistic strategies that help me develop as a self-taught artist. My overall vision in creating these pieces is to stir the minds of the audience that view my art. My goal is to create pieces that effectively touch the hearts and leave an imprint of emotions to those who stop to glance.

The young and ebullience setting of Miami, Florida has also been a huge aspect of my inspiration. My artwork has been exhibited in over 60 shows and fund raising events. My artistic journey is never ending and each and every day is a new chance for me to make a difference in this world by inspiring many people from all ages with my art of the woman figure combined with architectural landscape, because

“ Art is my Passion “