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His muse has been exhibited in countless

art shows/cultural events, as well as

galleries, television segments, news

articles, and magazines.

He currently resides in Doral, Florida, where his work is greatly appreciated throughout the city with two public murals: "Doralita" (Gallery Plaza, 84th Ave), Ronald Reagan Doral Senior High School, and other works. In 2021, he was voted as 305 Artist of the Year at the Beaux Festival of the Arts. Showcasing his work to spread beauty and culture is an honor for Roy Rodriguez, especially being in the city he loves the most in the United States, considering the plethora he’s exhibited in.

“Me gusta poder hacer lo que me apasiona, lo que tengo en el corazón y en la mente”

​                                                                            Roy Rodriguez

It wasn’t until he left his prolonged career as a banker where he found his inspiration— The Muse. He self-discovered the different ways in which he could speak through her individual expression. He sought to find and create the personality for each piece, bringing life to each one. While this is merely his artistic ingenuity, we as aesthetes see it through everything surrounding the distinguished black pearly eyes and crimson smirk.

While Roy’s works are incredibly inspired through techniques of contemporary masters, each representation of his muse flaunts through especial aesthetic and ideas, together designing the perfect colors/textures for each piece, bringing true life to his paintings in a variety of palettes.

Born in Cuba in 1967, Roy Rodriguez discovered his passion for art at an early age. His journey originates in Havana, where his creativity transpired alongside the vibrance in the atmosphere. Painting was his means of expressing his internal, innovative self.

Roy’s character, interests, and vibe, attributed from his Cuban roots, guide him to passionately project the hedonistic reality of his native island, utilizing vibrant colors, and exploring the exotic. After he migrated to America at age 18, he continued to individually practice different techniques and aesthetics, motivated to find which spoke to him.

In 1985, Roy found inspiration residing in Miami.
Migrating to this city full of life, passion, and most importantly, color, was the expressional outlet Roy was previously missing in Havana.

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