Roy Rodriguez was born in Cuba in 1967. Discovered his passion for art at an early
age. Started his art studies at Casa de la Cultura in Havana, Cuba wherehe later
exhibited his paintings at the age of seventeen. He was accepted at San Alejandro
School of Art in Havana, however he was not able to attend due to the fact that he
left Cuba at this particular moment.

Roy Rodriguez arrived in Miami, Fl in 1985 and continued his studies in different
art fields. However, Roy considers himself a self-taught individual who has been
trained in the techniques of the great contemporary masters. He seeks his own
aesthetic tendency in the use of color and texture to create a sultry palette. Using his childhood memories of Cuba, he, passionately projects the hedonistic reality of his native island utilizing vibrant colors and exploring the exotic.

Roy Rodriguez' works have been displayed in galleries and cultural events and has been featured in various television shows and magazines. Roy Rodriquez is an active community leader and a contributor to many charitable events. He currently resides in Miami, Fl.

Roy currently works in original oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, commission portraits, and also offers limited edition giclee reproductions available.

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